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What are closing costs, and how much can I expect to pay? Does the buyer pay closing costs on a mobile home? Is there anything I should avoid doing during closing? When should I transfer the title to my manufactured home?

These are the most common questions that home owners have when working with us! Continue to read below to better educate yourself on next steps. You can always Call Us for a faster response to your questions.

The “closing process” isn’t just the day on which you sign the mobile home selling paperwork. It’s actually a longer series of steps that you’ll take in the weeks and months leading up to the moment of delivery:

  1. The buyer and seller sign a conditional purchase agreement. The purchase agreement outlines the terms of the sale and makes it contingent upon conditions such as a satisfactory inspection, appraisal and financing approval.
  2. The buyer hires an inspector and appraiser to assess the manufactured home. If everything is to the lender’s satisfaction, the buyer receives financing approval from their mobile home financing company.
  3. The buyer opens an escrow account for the transaction and deposits earnest money (a portion of their down payment) as a guarantee of their intent to purchase the manufactured home.
  4. The buyer performs a final walkthrough of the manufactured home and approves any disclosures from the seller.
  5. The buyer and seller decide on a mutually acceptable location for the closing (often a law or real estate office) and set a date.

The buyer and seller meet and sign the paperwork on the agreed-upon day. The buyer signs the lender’s mortgage deed and the final purchase contract. The escrow account releases the buyer’s payment to the seller, and the seller gives the buyer the keys to their newmanufactured home.

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