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Ken Jones Real Estate – Mobile Home Division was a very nice place and Leona the salesperson that helped us was incredibly knowledgeable. She was friendly, courteous, she listened to what I wanted and answered my questions. It was great to have a salesperson that was not pushy and that was helpfull.
Ken Jones Real Estate in Ocala made sure that I had one on one time with a person when I was checking out homes. I had all my questions answered and felt like I had a good knowledge of what they had to offer and what could be done to make sure all my wants were taken care of! They had a wide variety of homes so you can find the house of your dreams.
Mr. & Mrs. Leighton
Such a friendly staff. They were super knowledgeable and helpful. My experience was a comfortable and easy one. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new home in the Ocala, Florida area!
Dee & Thomas Franklin

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